"Applications for the LOT program are accepted annually, in early spring.”
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The National Black MBA Association

The National Black MBA Association, Pittsburgh Chapter is proud to offer the Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) Program.  The LOT program is a national network of high school students and distinguished professionals who focus on empowering African American students in grades 9 through 12.   These students have exhibited leadership potential, but require additional motivation, people, and influential factors in their lives to realize, and then capitalize on their full potential.

Scholarships, financial aid, college admission and employment opportunities.

The local LOT program consists of a network of high school students, MBAs, entrepreneurs, as well as other eminent professionals eager to participate in educating, mentoring and providing exposure to students as they make critical (post high school graduation) decisions regarding their academic careers and their future.  Our mission is to develop positive, socially aware, teenage professionals by providing these students with essential leadership skills required to obtain scholarships, financial aid, college admission and employment opportunities.

Over the course of the year, students will get the opportunity to participate in programs that will help stimulate both their intellectual and economic growth.  This program will offer students the opportunity to grow and develop with the support and guidance of successful business professionals at a national level.


LOT is the right choice for students eager to learn and interact with others throughout the business community.  It also provides students with a change in setting that he/she is not exposed to on a regular basis, if ever.  This program will help build students self-esteem and ensure students with the right attitude gain exposure to avenues that will help them with a successful launch into college and the workplace.

As a mentor, this is an opportunity to assist in developing positive, socially aware, African American professionals willing and ready to succeed.  This provides mentors with the ability to directly influence the quality and quantity of tomorrows’ business professionals and leaders.


Applications for the LOT program are accepted annually, in early spring.

Area high school students known as ‘Leaders,’ have the opportunity to network and gain exposure to exceptional business professionals from Pittsburgh to a vast array of areas throughout the country.   Our Leaders of Tomorrow will gain the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, workshops, and events that will emphasize growth/development in the following areas, just to name a few:


– Leadership
– Academics
– Professional development
– Community Service
– Internships and Scholarships
– Goal Setting and Attainment
– Planning
– Success
– Vision

LOT workshops will be held at least once a month on Saturday mornings at the University of Pittsburgh Campus.  During these workshops, mentors and pre-selected speakers will present and conduct active workshops on various education and career-related topics. 

In addition, these students will be assigned a mentor to assist with individual growth and development outside the classroom curriculum.  There are a host of other events, such as conferences, scholarship awards/programs, community relations and college tours, Pittsburgh’s Leaders of Tomorrow will incur by enrolling in the

Applications for the LOT program are accepted annually, in early spring. Students interested in participating in this program are required to submit an application along with a one-page essay to the National Black MBA Association, Pittsburgh Chapter. For more information, please contact lot@nbmbaapgh.org

This effort can only be successful with the support of our local business community and its members.  In order to make this happen, the NBMBAA needs your commitment.  The Pittsburgh Chapter needs mentors who can contribute toward the success of this program and the students by donating time and/or resources to assist with the launching and continuation of a successful program.  Mentors guide the students through the challenging program designed to help them further develop skills necessary for success.

There are a number of ways in which you can become a mentor of this program, which in turn will also grant you access to a national network of high school students, MBAs, entrepreneurs and other distinguished professionals. The Pittsburgh Chapter is seeking resources, workshop leaders, career panelists, chaperons for students on college tours and/or to the National Conference, or administering scholarship programs for college-bound students.

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